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Challenges and Responsibility

-------Innovative Social Work and Sustainable Development


1.     Innovative Social Governance and Sustainable Development.

2.     Public Service and Social Risks Prevention in Economic Transition.

3.     Problems and Responses in Aging.

4.     Cultural Sensitivities in Social Work Practice.

5.     The strategy for Indigenized Social work Personnel Development

6.     Disaster Prevention and Relief in High Risk Society

7.     Population Flow problem in Urbanization and Social Work Practice

8.     Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Work Practice

9.     Social Welfare Advocacy and Anti-Poverty

10.  Social Work Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability

11. Social Work Education and Professional Training

The 2017 Asia-Pacific Joint Regional Social Work Conference will be held in Septemper 26th -29th of 2017, at the COLI Hotel of Shenzhen, China. International Federation of Social Workers Asia Pacific Region (IFAP) and Asia Pacific Association of Social Work (APASWE) are the international hosts of the regional conference, which holds every two year in different country in the Asia-Pacific region.

China Association of Social Workers will be co-hosting the conference together with The Open University of China Social Work College, China Education Association of Social Work, Shenzhen Association of Social Work, etc.

Under the theme of “Challenges and Responsibility—Innovative Social Work and Sustainable Development” will gather social workers, policy makers, development practitioners and more around the globe to discuss the most prominent issues people are facing today.

The official conference program will insists plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, field visits, poster sessions, with opening/closing ceremonies, welcome reception, cultural night and conference dinners, etc.

The official languages of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Joint Regional Social Work conference will be English and Chinese.